Friday, June 15, 2007

"I Know I'm Crap": Oldfield Bones Self

This has got to be the most bizarre post-axing statement I've ever seen:

Lisa Oldfield has blamed herself for The Catch-Up's demise, issuing a public apology to say "I know I'm crap".

Describing herself as a "pompous" character with "no talent", Oldfield said it was mostly her fault the Nine Network decided to axe the show.

The Catch-Up finale will air today at 12pm (AEST).

"My only regret about doing it is that I dragged down three brilliant performers," she said of her co-hosts Libbi Gorr, Mary Moody and Zoe Sheridan. "I know I'm crap. I'm sorry that I've brought this upon them.

"I think Australia has had an absolute gutful of Lisa Oldfield — I know I've had an absolute gutful of Lisa Oldfield. I can't imagine me darkening anybody's TV screen again any time soon."

I have nothing to add, other than to say - who the fuck is Lisa Oldfield? In any event, her statement - and its prominence on the ninemsn homepage - is obviously an attempt by Nine's management to distance themselves from yet another dud show. Turns out it was all Lisa Oldfield's and Mia Freedman's fault.

The Herald Sun has more Oldfield self-flaggelation:
"I'm just the most irritating individual you'll ever meet. I'm a pompous snot and I brought them all down. But they went down fighting."


"I'm not surprised it was axed, because we all followed the ratings and it wasn't hitting the mark," she said.

"But we had fun and I learned so much from Libbi (Gorr) -- like how to be a complete bitch."


So now I'm curious. Does anybody want to own up to watching The Catch-Up? I once saw the opening credits - soulful Oprah-esque music, the hosts "dancing" - and switched immediately to Dr. Phil. Er, I mean the ABC midday news. Was The Catch-Up really that bad?


TimT said...

Married to David Oldfield, apparently. Once they had him on the show for a chat...

Tim said...

Interesting. A "pompous snot" and a man who slept with Pauline Hanson. What a great combination.

lucy tartan said...

I read this post earlier today in my rss and had nothing to add, but just now I was googling "face like a cat's bum" and guess whose name came up. And then I learned that about the spouse and thought it was the sort of knowledge which is safest pooled. But TimT has already told you. Oh well, god love the internets etc.

Anonymous said...

Interesting. I had Lisa Oldfield down as a bit of a rootin' tootin' gun totin' broad, but on reading that, I realise it's not surprising that anyone who would bonk the truly disgusting Oldfield must have self-esteem issyews.

Cast Iron Balcony

Kirsty said...

Can't comment on The Catch Up but I did watch Celebrity Survivor in which David Oldfield was a contestant. His wife visited him on one of those occasions where the contestants' families are brought in. She had to don a swim suit and complete some obstacle course. All I can remember was that she wore a bathing cap and swam with the energy of a dead fish.

Beth said...

I saw The Catch Up a few times, in the Dr Phil ads. I always thought it had a bizarre lifelessness about it - Libbi Gorr was the best, but also interrupted other people all the time, which made it feel awkward.