Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Ingmar, Not Ingrid

I checked our Quickflix queue yesterday morning and was surprised to see that they'd sent us Persona, despite it being about twenty places from the head of the queue. Just hours later it was announced that Ingmar Bergman had died.

The other DVDs they've sent are After Hours and Ghost Dog. I hope Martin Scorsese and Jim Jarmusch have their affairs in order.

UPDATE (1/8): This is getting weird. The last DVD we bought? The Passenger.


TimT said...

I saw 'The Seventh Seal' at the Castro Theatre in San Francisco earlier this year. A great artist - very sad news.

Tim said...

Indeed. I'm looking forward to seeing all of Persona - the first time I tried to watch it the tape screwed up halfway through. Mind you it took me a moment to realise it was the tape and not just Ingmar up to his antics.

genevieve said...

Tim, I'm sorry, that was Bergman - do not adjust your set. (Sorry, just kidding.)
You put the mozz on him then. Fancy.
BTW you are famouser than ever, look:
(Big Woo from the Saturday Show!!)

genevieve said...

Oh poop, Blogger has cut it off. I'll email it to you then.

Ben.H said...

Weird, especially because I thought both of them were already dead. I really have to walk a mile or two up to Maryon Park one of these days for the long-threatened Antonioni pilgrimage.