Wednesday, September 05, 2007

New Ballard, New Baker

Ballardian passes on's news that J.G. Ballard's autobiography, entitled Miracles of Life, will be published by Fourth Estate in Feb 2008. Fourth Estate's editorial director Clare Reihill said:
“J G Ballard has been a giant on the literary landscape for the last 40 years [...] and his long-awaited autobiography will be an exceptionally important and momentous publishing event. For fans of this work it will be a very insightful read. He has narrated his life exceptionally well, showing how events in his life have influenced his work.”
Meanwhile, Ed Champion has some news regarding Nicholson Baker's forthcoming book, Human Smoke:
There is not yet a subtitle to this 800 page opus, but the book is described as “a meticulously researched, astonishingly new perspective of the political, social, religious, and economic events throughout the world in the years preceding World War II—an invaluable work of nonfiction and an impassioned, persuasive call for pacifism.”


It also describes Human Smoke as “weav[ing] together the events and individuals that unnecessarily enabled or prolonged the irreparable damages of the war, including hundreds of often-overlooked facts, quotes, and articles that were frequently published in The New York Times, TIME, and countless other sources, which have been easily accessible to readers for generations.”


TimT said...

My goodness me, that's an awful release.

He has narrated his life exceptionally well

'Exceptionally well'? I never thought I'd long for cliches like 'coruscating prose' or 'dazzlingly original'.

showing how events in his life have influenced his work.

Isn't that, like, the point of biography?

Er, apologies for the snark. Carry on!

Helen said...

No don't apologise Tim, it really was that bad.
For some more really bad writing, try this (via Bad Belle Waring).

Tim said...

Yes, snark is welcome, especially when it's not directed at me.