Monday, September 17, 2007

Pods or peds

'Contemporary fiction,' I said to Jimmy, 'is either pod or ped. Left-hand rack, you'll observe, begins with J.G. Ballard. Super-Cannes. Pod-meister. Suburban solipsism: world in a windscreen. Right-hand rack is ped. The walkers. W.G. Sebald, Austerlitz, Rings of Saturn. Sit at your PC as you sit in the car: pod person. Lose yourself in the rhythms of the walk: pedestrian. Stately prose, Sebald.'

'Stephen King?'

'Pod. By instinct. He tries to walk down a road, a redneck runs him down. Know your limitations. Stick to genre.'

Iain Sinclair, Dining on Stones, p. 130

1 comment:

genevieve said...

Naah. King sounds like a strangled ped to me.
Beckett definitely a ped though, went for a good walk every day. His subjects are a bit podified however.