Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Video Night

Jon and I watched Brick last night. I enjoyed it but it doesn't stand up to any kind of analysis or even casual reflection. The underlying concept - the film essentially transposes the conventions of Chandler-esque noir onto a high school setting - never develops into anything more substantial than a gimmick. At first it seems clever, but as the story progresses the high school setting becomes irrelevant. The script is patchy, too, especially the faux-noir dialogue which is highly stylised in the expected manner but not stylish enough to compensate for the woodenness with which it's delivered. Not a great film, then, but watchable enough - a good effort as my rather condescending tennis coach used to say.

By the time Brick finished we'd ingested enough beer that watching Rocky seemed like a brilliant idea. Turns out: it wasn't. I was disappointed to learn that "Eye of the Tiger" originates in Rocky III, but at least Rocky has the scene where Rocky pummels a side of beef, which is something I'd not previously imagined anybody doing. Otherwise Rocky is the stuff of midday movies. Our rating: two busted thumbs down.

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