Monday, October 22, 2007

Cave In

I was walking down Chapel St a couple of weeks ago when I spotted Nick Cave eating breakfast. We struck up a conversation – God, songwriting, heroin addiction – and before long he asked me to sit in with the Bad Seeds. “You look like a pretty happenin’ dude,” he said. “How’d you like to sling a six string for me some time?” I told him I’d be honoured, but had to confess to not knowing how to play the guitar. All Cave said was: “Twelve months ago neither did I!” The upshot is that his people are going to call my people and Nick and I are gonna rock out and stuff. Fuck yeah.

Anyway, I was reminded of this almost totally fabricated encounter by the news that Cave is being inducted into the Aria Hall of Fame next Sunday night. He sounds bloody rapt:
"I'm actually dreading it to be completely honest because I have to go to the ARIA Awards," Cave said.

"That's something I've been avoiding for 25 years because I think it's so tedious.

"But I think I'm allowed to come in the back door, get inducted - however they're going to induct me - and leave and go and get a kebab."
What is the Aria Hall of Fame, anyway? It's not actually a hall, of that I am pretty sure. What is the induction process? Is there paddling of swollen arses - with paddles?


Ben.H said...

"Yes, I'm desperately excited, I'm extremely excited to hang out with Powderfinger." Hee!

I wonder if he saved that speech he was going to give that time he actually won an ARIA?

squib said...

Cave has been taking lessons from Doris Lessing

Helen said...

Has he been on Grumpy Old Men yet?

I agree, though, the ARIAs are shite since Australian Oidol took them over.

genevieve said...

He'd be fab on Grumpy Old Men, Helen.
Latest report from the ARIAS is that Cave got up and complained bitterly that the Bad Seeds and the Birthday Party were not also invited - then promptly proceeded to induct them himself.
Rather good panoply of his varied career with a voice over from someone sounding very like the ABC's Julia Lester beforehand. Looked quite stylish, except he seems to have dyed all his facial and cranium hairs.
None of which I would have bothered watching if I didn't have a new telly.

kiki said...

my grandma and his mum are best mates. this means that i've met him a few times
he has to be one of the coolest Aussie celebrities of all time
although i think the term celebrity isn't correct for him