Friday, October 19, 2007

Weekend Reading

- Simon Sellars on the Ballardian nature of 21st century Australia.

- Fact Magazine interviews Burial ahead of his forthcoming album Untrue.

- Yet another interview with Tom McCarthy.

- Amazing images of places where vehicles are left to die.

- k-punk on John Foxx's Metamatic.

- Radiohead's "All I Need" as rendered in lolcat images. Awesome.

- Update (20/10): Ooh, new Scarecrow!

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TimT said...

I was actually expecting to see images of rusting cars, but whatever - both are pretty Ballardian. Where I grew up in Balranald, country NSW, most areas of bush land or vacant lots had an old and rusting car in it that the owner had finally given up on - great to play in as kids. In Raymond Terrace, where my parents live (that's on the Central Coast) the kids occasionally have the habit of parking a car and then setting it on light.

That's an interesting article about 21st century Australia, too, but I'm nowhere near convinced by stuff like this -

The big Australian cities, like Sydney and Melbourne, despite their affectations of worldliness and cosmopolitan charm, are like the suburb of Brooklands in Ballard’s Kingdom Come writ large: an immature, isolated culture

Meh, the entire Anglo diaspora (ie, America and Britain) have similar cultural anxieties. The only reason the cultural cringe still exists is because people like Sellars here are still cringing - imo.