Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Shorter Terminator 2

John Connor: You've come from the future to protect me? Who sent you?

Arnie: You did.

John Connor: So...if I sent you then obviously I'm not going to be killed by the other terminator, or by anything else, at least until I've sent you back from the year 2029. So why worry? Let's just kick back and listen to some Gunners.

Arnie: Um...

The End


Jeremy said...

Nah, doesn't work, because the Terminator films are based on the many-universe theory of time-travel. So just because future John Connor in universe A sent Arnie back to protect John Connor in universe B doesn't mean that the John Connor in universe B is invincible and will survive.

The End.

Tim said...

Hey, don't make me get out my chalkboard a la Doc Brown halfway through Back to the Future II.