Tuesday, January 01, 2008

2007: Some Personal Stats

Books read: 62

Movies seen: 8

Children adopted/fathered/kidnapped: 0

University courses enrolled in: 2

University courses dropped out of: 1

Governments voted out: 1

Concerts/gigs attended: 3

Blog posts written: 92

Novels started: 3

Novels finished: 0

Short stories written: 2

Nights spent in hospital: 1

Interesting, remunerative jobs acquired then inexplicably lost within the space of four months: 1

Not-at-all-interesting, low-paid jobs held: 2

Approximate percentage of year spent in state of indecision, confusion and depression: 70%

Ideas for new year's day posts, none of which I had time to finish, hence this hastily thrown together load of cobblers: 3


genevieve said...

And a fine New Year's Cobbler it is. 62 books! feck, I read far too many feeds. Quite a neat meme there Timothy.
I am pleased to announce I spent no nights in hospital (not on my own account, anyhow), had no interesting jobs to lose, wrote about 3/4 of about four stories (I'm not sure if that makes three stories or not), and am quite jealous of your novel starts.
Off to count the blog posts now.

genevieve said...

You're well ahead of me there too, you prolific thing you. About 66 - probably not a terribly safe number.

Cast Iron balcony said...

Hey, much better stats than mine!