Friday, January 04, 2008

Weekend Reading

- Ellis Sharp, who has unfortunately decided to terminate his blog, on Patricia Highsmith's The Cry of the Owl: "Highsmith gives us amoral characters but they are never evil in the simplistic sense of tabloid journalism. She shows how human weakness and the right set of circumstances can have unexpected consequences."

- Laura berates ABC's "Austen Fourplay": "You’ll laugh and then you’ll cry at the utter badness, in fact, in between bouts of being confused over what’s happening because the plots are so telescoped and hacked about."

- Matthew Guerrieri on Oscar Peterson and virtuosity: "A lot of the critical ambivalence towards Peterson may have also had to do with another 20th-century trope, the idea that harmonic innovation is more important than rhythmic innovation."

Interviews: RSB's Mark Thwaite interviews Lee Rourke; Bookninja interviews Tom McCarthy; The Elegant Variation talks to Steve Erickson about his new novel, Zeroville.

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