Friday, February 08, 2008

50 Films

For about a year now I've been harbouring this half-arsed idea of watching fifty films that I haven't seen - stuff that I want to see, stuff that I feel I ought to see - and blogging about them as I go. Not a systematic exploration of cinema or anything, just a dedicated effort to expand my movie knowledge while providing regular blog fodder. As I cast around desperately for things to write about I realise that now is the time to put this half-arsed idea into practice. Well, not right now - next week some time. Stay tuned.


genevieve said...

Oh, brave new year. The best I can muster on the viewing front this year was a scamper to the vid shop to pick up what I thought was the last season of Brothers and Sisters - only to get home, start watching and find myself in season one, and that it has been on for two.
I will look forward to your reviews Tim. I have "Science of Sleep" sitting in the TV table to be watched at some undefined point in time. Don't even have the excuse of having to borrow it, do I.

Mark Lawrence said...

Looking forward to it, Tim. Will you give us list at the start, or just blog them as you go?

Tim said...

I must get a copy of Science of Sleep. I really enjoyed Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. And all those Bjork videos Gondry directed.

Mark, I reckon I'll probably just choose stuff that appeals at that moment. I'm not so good with strict programmes.