Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I'm loathe to announce the death of Sterne - last time I did that it was reanimated within weeks - but I do feel that the time has come to bring proceedings here to a close, at least for the time being. Behind this decision lie the usual reasons - boredom, desire for change, a feeling of despair and constriction whenever I think about the blog or try to write something for it. Anybody who has maintained a blog for longer than six months will recognise these feelings well.

I'll be starting a new, hopefully substantially different, blog shortly. I will also continue to blog at Sarsaparilla, and I have begun contributing to Club Troppo's Missing Link Daily digest.

Thanks for reading!


genevieve said...

Well, best wishes with whatever you get under way, Timothy. I have enjoyed the craziness and will look forward to the new incarnation.
Will you post a link here when it's up please?

Jo said...

That'd be right.
The good ones shut down, whilst the vapid, inane ones get seventy-three comments for every post.

Jeremy said...

I'll really miss Sterne. I've been enjoying your witty posts ever since first discovering this thing called "blog".

I have now added Sarsaparilla to my RSS feed. I look forward to reading more of your work there and elsewhere.

(PS: Please don't delete Sterne itself.)

Anonymous said...

I've only just discovered this blog after your hilarious God hates fags post. It was perhaps the funniest thing I have read on a blog.

I'm always too late finding the good blogs. Good luck on your next projects.

Ben.H said...

Oh no, not again. May your latest absence be as permanent as the last one.

lucy tartan said...

If the new thing means you write more, can't wait for it.

TimT said...

After having written my obituary following Sterne's previous demise, and written my obituary on that previous obituary, I'm loath to go obitchin' about anymore. I look forward to a later incarnation of the Timocracy (and, indeed, the Jonocracy, whatever he's doing at the moment), in whatever form it chooses to take.

Tim said...

Cheers, all.

Helen said...

What the others said. (What a dittohead I am!)

Mark Lawrence said...

Now I hate to be the johnny-come-lately, but really, I'm going to miss your acerbic wit at Sterne. At least you'll stay on to blog at Sarsaparilla – please, please, please!

all the best, and I'm looking forward to more writing from you (if your something else is a secret plan to publish a new magazine, let me know, I'd love to help. If it is a secret plan to form a clandestine gang that will go around tipping rubbish bins over the front of Angus and Robinson bookstores in the dead of night, even better. I'll have to buy a balaclava from the disposals shop, though.)