Saturday, May 24, 2008

Four not especially interesting & completely unrelated items


The Footy Show
's ratings have dropped by 15% in the past two months. I suppose it could be due to Sam Newman's disgraceful denigration of Caro Wilson; I prefer to think that it is actually a delayed response to this cutting piece of satire. (Note "debate" in comments.)


I swapped shifts with someone this weekend so I'm working tomorrow instead of today. I received a call this afternoon from the person I swapped with who told me that she had just had a Bad Customer Experience of Biblical proportions. Apparently the customers in question kicked up such a fuss that the police had to be called. This was after almost an hour of the customers flinging bullshit "legal" threats, insults, and refusing to leave until their demands were met. From what I was told, the customers were wrong wrong wrong and are now far less likely to achieve a satisfactory outcome than they would have if they'd played it nice. Anyway, my co-worker said that her first words once the customers finally nicked off were: "I wish Tim had been here - he would've just told them to piss off." So I obviously have a reputation as either a) a straight-talking, no-bullshit kind of guy; or b) an utter prick.


Why are some non-religious people attracted to the idea of a church wedding? Is it purely aesthetic - as is well known, whatever they might say to the contrary all women secretly dream of walking down the aisle while the church organist pumps out "White Wedding" - or is it some latent deference towards the church as a traditional symbol of authority? I suppose family pressure plays its part for some couples, but if that pressure isn't really a deciding factor, if it is purely for form's sake, then isn't a church wedding just slightly hypocritical?


We took the kids to Luna Park today. As with Notre Dame cathedral or Survivor it is very difficult to imagine Luna Park as something new. It almost feels as if it was just there when da white man rocked up, already salt-bitten and outmoded. Anyway, the girls enjoyed themselves, the sun was shining and nobody died in a malfunctioning-ride incident. We even scored some heroin!*

*Just kidding - we had to settle for ice.

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