Monday, May 12, 2008

What I did on my holiday from blogging

Looked for work, mostly, but unfortunately I didn't find any. I've had a few interviews but mostly I've encountered indifference, insincerity and incompetence. (Three "in" prefixes in one sentence? No wonder I'm unemployed!) If I had a soul or believed in the existence of same I'd say that it has been comprehensively crushed. I'm not eligible for the dole because Belinda earns above the threshold and therefore I am (apparently) her responsibility. I can't put into words how wonderful it is to be a physically and mentally competent twenty-nine-year-old with a university education and almost fifteen years of employment experience who is living as the dependent of another adult. Well, not entirely dependent - in a further indignity I have returned to my previous job to fill in for a co-worker (and friend) who came down with a slight case of malignant-tumour-on-the-spine a couple of weeks after I "left". Although my friend's health issues certainly put my own problems in perspective, it's still discomfiting to think 1) that I am back doing a more limited version of my old job, and 2) that my friend's cancer is essentially paying my half of the rent.

Speaking of rent, our landlord is selling up, leaving us up a certain well-known creek without a certain well-known propulsion implement. The house is being sold with us in it but Denver, the real estate agent who pops up every few days to quote Dale Carnegie at me, reckons the buyer will knock the place down to build a brace of townhouses. Given how crappy the house is, I reckon Denver (mention of whose name inevitably invites a mental rendition of that 80s classic, "Theme From 'Denver the Last Dinosaur'") is spot on. So we're looking for somewhere to live as well as dealing with frequent visits from Denver, the landlord, and various tradies who have been engaged to spruce the place up as cheaply and tackily as possible. (Did you know they still manufacture mission brown?) No open house inspections yet, but it's on the cards. I plan on cooking fish, garlic and onion wrapped in a wet sock the night before.

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genevieve said...

Let me know if you'd like a fresh football sock or two. Youngest son could assist there.