Monday, June 09, 2008

Dull personal blogging from a dull blogging person

I was reading my job description today and was struck by the ease with which the title "Job Description" could be replaced by "Description of Tim's Least Ideal Job Outside of Chicken Boning" without having to alter the contents of the piece in any way. Then I learned what my salary is and my heart sank to about ankle level. (I realise I ought to have asked about that during my interview/first week but I was far too nervous and eager to make a good impression to want to bring up something so vulgar as money.)

Honestly, in the past 18 months I have made nothing but bad decisions. Bad decisions about studying, bad decisions about work, and now I'm paying for them all and can't see a way out. Maybe writing misery guts posts bitching about how my determination to make life difficult and complicated makes life difficult and complicated will cheer me up!



Nope, still depressed. Oh well.


Jeremy said...

I take it that your new job doesn't involve witty writing, then, because you're damned good at that.

When you're not feeling the crushing disappointment of a shit job, that is.

Matt said...

I do the same thing with regard to not wanting to ask about salary. It leaves the wife bullshit pissed at me.

It helps me to think of all the jobs I've had and think about looking back someday at my "checkered work history" from a secure standpoint, and laughing.

Of course, in the present tense, I'm applying for a job with a corporate behemoth to pay the bills while my private practice finds its wings. Tomorrow's the interview - where are my ties? (Do I still own ties?)

Hang in there.

Ampersand Duck said...

You need owlcat.

And a mental health day from work. Use it to do something *really* fun and absolutely not sensible.

Beth said...

I think a sensible decision would involve us meeting up for coffee and/or pints of beer over one of your lunchbreaks!

Tim said...

These comments cheered me up immensely when I read them today in contravention of my work's policy on reading blogs. Thanks, guys!

Beth, dunno about pints at lunch (I only get 1/2 an hour, so only time for a couple :) but after work sometime would be neato.