Tuesday, June 03, 2008

I have measured out my life with heaped teaspoons of Milo

Posting may be a bit light around here for the time being. I started my new job yesterday and it's pretty good as these things go but it's not going to leave much time for blogging. I'll just pop in when I can, say something stupid, then shuffle quietly off-stage again. Business as usual, then.

Reading: I can't decide if John Crowley's The Solitudes (aka Ægypt) is really good or unbearably wanky. My opinion changes from page to page, sometimes from paragraph to paragraph. Every time I'm on the verge of giving it up Crowley does something brilliant and I'm drawn in again. Frustrating yet fascinating. The book I read just before The Solitudes was Alasdair Gray's Poor Things which was brilliant all the way through.

Listening: unhealthy amounts of Bud Powell (allegedly as "research" for my piano novel); Beefheart; Dexys Midnight Runners; Light FM, a Christian radio station Belinda has inexplicably taken to.

What a life.


Mark Lawrence said...

I read recently someone saying that they'd heard something that was actually worse than Christian rock – Muslim rock.

I refused to believe them.

Kirsty said...

Errm, I've tagged you for a meme. The perfect genre for the Clayton's bloggers amongst us.

genevieve said...

Mark, nothing could be worse than Christian rock.
Crowley's an interesting one - I tried to read his stories a while back, but abandoned a rather sinuous one. I haven't been back for a retry.
Thanks for the tip about Gray though.
And enjoy that job.