Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Just another tawdry Tuesday

There is a new edition out of a certain novel that features a quotation from my review of said novel on its back cover. The quotation is attributed to the publication, not me, but still I didn't expect to read my own words when I picked up the book. Sure, it's a minor thing, not like I wrote the book itself, but you've got to take your ego boosts where you find them.

In other news: I am getting over it. All of it.

I'm going to fricken write something soon, just you watch me!


davefromalbury said...

What is your writing environment? Computer, typewriter, paper? Have you tried doing something different? There's something very nice about writing on an old black and white Mac, no email or other distractions and real keyboards that clatter.

Tim said...

Yes, I've often contemplated buying a cheap old computer to use solely for writing. In this case however I think the problem is more with the craftsman than the tools.