Sunday, June 15, 2008


Sterne seems to have turned into a tedious personal blog so I might as well report the tedious personal news that I have quit my job. It probably seems like I quit jobs every other week, but in fact I held my last permanent position for just short of eight years. Commitment is not, therefore, an issue, which is perhaps part of the problem – I don’t want to commit to something that I know in my guts isn’t right, or at least tolerable.

I had doubts about this latest job from day one. I held off judgment for the first week but by the start of my second week it was obvious that I’d made a big mistake in accepting the position. Fundamentally, the job wasn’t suited to my skills and temperament; if I’d stayed, I would have been miserable and unsatisfied and this would inevitably have shown through in my work. The shitty pay was another huge factor. Without going into specifics, the job was management level, which requires a certain sense of personal responsibility towards the organisation and a willingness to do extra, unpaid, work if necessary. All fine, but surely those expectations must be backed by a reasonable salary or else the incentive is simply not there. You’re not there for your health, as my dad would say.

Anyway, it was a shit decision to have to make – stay at job I don’t like or go back to being unemployed? Some choice! – but I’ve made it and I am once again unemployed. Here comes that gnawing sense of dread again…


Kirsty said...

Ah, sorry to hear this Tim. Let's hope the next employer recognises your talents and pays you what your worth, which is to say, a lot.

Kirsty said...

I would correct that typo in the previous comment, but I've done a FaceBook quiz that rates me 100% for my knowledge of such homonyms so I know you won't think I didn't know the difference. Or was that quiz for there, their, they're? Perhaps I really have revealed an unflattering lack of knowledge about contractions etc. And they let me mark university essays.

lucy tartan said...

Tis a far, far, better thing to be a gentleman of leisure than shovelling shit for monopoly money!

genevieve said...

You work hard for the money,
So they better treat you right.
Grracious, what a captcha,

It should be an exclamation, shouldn't it.

mscynic said...

I am exceedingly jealous.

If you didn't quit, you'd never find out what else is out there. Natch.

Enjoy some sleep ins for me.

Niall said...

I can identify with that dread. It's never good being without that independence which gainful employment brings, but satisfaction, not money is why we should all work. Not because we need the money, although it's a self-defeating argument if you have a mortgage. I may well be in that queue behind you soon enough.

Mark Lawrence said...

Bad news and hard luck, Tim. But I envy your guts in quitting – I would probably have stayed and put up with the sh*te, fearing uncertainty etc etc.

Strength to you. If you're ever at another Melbourne blog meet that I can make too, I hope to buy you a drink.

Beth said...

Sounds like a good decision!