Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Just so you know

I'm bored with the internet right now. Too much blather. Also, it's so cold in my study I can barely hear my inane thoughts over the chattering of my teeth.

My study. Or my teeth.

It's interesting, the too much blather thing. Sometimes the web provides me with an escape precisely because it is so heavy with random information, lies, opinions, gossip, images, in-fights, outrages, lists, star ratings, and so on. Other times, like now, all that stuff makes me sleepy and annoyed, and I want to escape from it and go and read Richard Yates by the heater and drink Coopers Pale Ale and later watch the Tour de France. So, goodnight.

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genevieve said...

Agreed - sometimes reading a lot of 'Net makes it harder to get books read, or have the headspace for something more concentrated. I have had three days off myself, with the prospect of five weeks - however I managed to reconnect, so back to a fractured brain I go.

Enjoy the ales.