Thursday, July 10, 2008

Nabokov Reanimated

One of the half-arsed book ideas I have floating around in my head is for a half-arsed book on Nabokov. Needless to say, the book would not be an academic study - or even a study - but, like "the piano book" I am writing (and to which I have referred darkly on this blog) it would be a kind of exploratory, desultory, Geoff Dyer-esque book, angle(s) of approach yet to be determined. Whatever the book turns out to be, if it indeed turns out to be anything, I'm fairly certain that it will not involve a scene like the one in Nina Khrushcheva's Imagining Nabokov in which - I'm not making this up - "Khrushcheva converses with the statue of Nabokov in Montreux, Switzerland. He comes alive and responds, citing passages from his works."


Beth said...

You're just jealous you didn't think of that idea for a scene first.

As am I.

Tim said...

Yes, but in my version Nabokov would have foregone "citing passages from his works" and instead broken free of his pedestal and gone on a zombie rampage through Switzerland. The book would be called Imagining Nabokov Eating Your Brains! Eeek!

TimT said...

I do that too, but my current half-arsed book and/or story ideas are all currently focusing around SuperTed. Seriously.

Such is my obsession with the show, that the other day while walking to the supermarket I imagined a post-apocalyptic novel, set in a world where technology has been banned, and warring nations of futuristic geeks have built their entire religion and way of life around differing interpretations of 20th century pop culture (yeah, that's where SuperTed comes in).

It's probably pretty hard to come up with a lamer idea than that!

Tim said...

Kinda awesome in its lameness though.