Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Recent Acquisitions #3

Now with floral doona cover background.

That's not my bed, btw.

I'm mostly a library man these days, what with the whole not having any money thing, but I did recently buy two books I've wanted for ages. Motherfuckers was a bargain at around $40 (incl. postage from the UK) from eBay. I have a post coming up looking at this novel, as well as Keith Seward's recent monograph on the whole Lord Horror/Savoy multimedia mind-fuck of which it is a part, so I won't say any more here. I also want to write something about B.S. Johnson's The Unfortunates, which is the famous "book-in-a-box" that's been OOP for yonks but is now BIP and looking very spiffy.

The other book is The Pages by Murray Bail which I got for nothing.


Anonymous said...

Any book written by a man with the initials 'B.S.' has got to be worth a look.

mscynic said...

You're paying $40 for a book and you're unemployed? I'm beginning to think you're one of those rich people who shit me - "I don't have ANY money. Except for the $850,000 my house is worth, the holiday house on the remote dream island, the four SVU's, the 100 thou or so in shares etc etc."

I'm employed full-time and only DREAM of buying a $40 book. I have these extravagant desires for luxuries like fuel and food. I bought Roald Dahl's second autobiography "Going Solo" at the St Vinnies store the other day for 50c. I highly recommend it.

A $40 book! You are living the high life, my friend!

Tim said...

Not wanting to get defensive or anything, but the holes in my socks refute the "high life" accusation.

Beth said...

Yeah, food and clothing are negotiable luxuries, not books. That book was essential and a steal. Easily 80 times better than Roald Dahl (who is great! But available at libraries everywhere).

Looking forward to the write up, Tim.