Sunday, July 06, 2008

Sunday Birthday Blogging

Today is my eldest daughter Asala's tenth birthday. I still remember how significant it felt to tick over into double figures - you don't get another digit for ninety years! - and we have endeavored to make Asala's big day as enjoyable as possible on our limited budget. After presents and bacon and eggs for breakfast we went into the city, had a picnic lunch in the parkland near the Shrine, then wandered through the Botanic Gardens, something the kids always enjoy, especially when there are swans to chase. Then we paid a visit to the NGV where half of Melbourne was queuing for the Art Deco show. We headed straight for the modern galleries on the second floor which are generally colourful and weird enough to keep children interested. Charlotte tried to knock a Rothko off the wall, nudes were snickered at, Rodin's and Barye's lions were marveled at, and Anguish, as usual, provoked difficult questions. Tonight we're going out for dinner with the rest of the family and that should wrap up what has been a very pleasant day.

Happy Birthday, Asala!

Me, in the Botanic Gardens, with limpets.


lucy tartan said...

I love Anguish. It's just such a terrible subject for a painting. And the crows look so mean!

Binnsy said...

Anguish is by far one of my favourite paintings. I never fail to pay a visit whene'er I return to my wonderful home town.

genevieve said...

Your limpets are gorgeous, Tim. Happy birthday, young lady.
One of my kids saw the McCubbin 'Lost', aged four, and rather presciently asked, "Where is her mummy?" she remains a keen evaluator of art of all kinds to this day.