Tuesday, July 15, 2008

You throw me the idol, I throw you the whip

Have you seen the new ad for Australian Idol? It is focking hilarious.

The best bit is when the red-haired kid sings "All the colours of the world..." and the line is finished by the guy who is apparently receiving an off-camera testicle squeeze from Kyle Sandilands. Also, the fist-pumping, totally right-on, totally premeditated ad-lib "Can you see what's going down?". And all the shoulder-dancing and soulful clapping. Aren't young people just great?


Ben.H said...

I just wasted an hour on YouTube looking for that ghastly ad for Australia's Bicentenary (I know it's in there somewhere) - it had the same happy-clappy singing, complete with the strangulated yelping of a singer with his nuts in a vice. Is this new ad meant to be ironic, or are teh kidz into this sort of crap these days?

Tim said...

I can't find it either, although I did find two bicentennial promos from Channels Nine (it goes for 3 minutes!) and Seven (features Nudge from Hey Dad and ALF the alien playing the guitar!). You'll note that the network's eagerness to celebrate the Bicentennial didn't stop them from giving pride of place to their American imports.

Is this new ad meant to be ironic, or are teh kidz into this sort of crap these days?

Idol is an irony-free zone - check the earnest soulfulness of the carefully-selected multicultural gathering. They really believe that we can feel it. ("It" presumably being nausea.)

Jeremy said...

My god, I remember that terrifying Channel Nine one, right down to the "hilarious" out of control airship.

Nice Indy reference, too.

Beth said...

Nice of them to give the contestants of years past some air time again. Maybe it's to pre-empt criticisms of the show's ability to change your life in any way - you know, those kidz might think "at worst, I'll get a starring role on a cheezy ad!"

OR!! Just thought. I think they're appealing to the catholics. Certainly religious young types, a la Guy Sebastian and heaps of others. If you've ever been to a pentecostal service, you'll recognize the same quality of exuberant, tightly controlled "free expression".

Tim said...

Unfortunately - or possibly fortunately - my church-going days were spent in dour Lutheran and staid Anglican churches where exuberance was frowned upon and we had Hymns not Guys. Then I became an atheist and renounced clapping for good.

TimT said...

We should all be thankful to the God who is or isn't there that the Bicentennary Ad hasn't found its way onto YouTube yet. Apparently shortly after that ad was released an Aussie satirist released a different version of the ad, with the lyrics -

Masturbation of the nation!
(Let's make it grand!)
Masturbation of the nation!
(So give us a hand!)
Let's make it great!
In 88...

I found myself in a Lutheran Church in the middle of the city some months ago - was there to hear a performance of a Bach Cantata (it was grouse). Very strange church, they sang dour Germanic hymns that dated back to early medieval/late renaissance times, and what looked like English translations of Latin chants - complete with a complicated back and forth dialogue between the priest and the congregation. No happy clappers in sight. (Glory glory hallelujah!)