Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Schlock Tactics

That'd be the head of Corey Worthington, "party boy", photoshopped onto the body of Jesus Christ, "saviour". The image is one of the entrants in this year's Blake Prize, which has a history of pissing off the usual people who get pissed off at such things with "provocative" and "controversial" (read: jejune and facile) works.

Dean Sewell, the creator of the Cory Christ piece, says: "Jesus was crucified to pay for the sins of man, and Corey was crucified by the media to pay for the sins of the MySpace generation." Yes, he really said that, apparently with a straight face. Reminds me of somebody I once knew...


Beth said...

I'm thinking of banning the word "generation", much as I banned the word "sexy" a few years ago (in relation to anything apart from sex). I think that would solve a lot of these crimes against intellect and taste before they even happen.

Also, Jesus should have worn faux-fur hoodies more often - it's fetching.

TimT said...

Ah, Photoshop. Creator of Lolcats, the Osama Christ, the Corey Christ, and... and... and... and so much more!

Where would we be without it?

TimT said...

Ha, check out this quote from the SMH, defending the Blake prize:

Cullen was correct to claim, as he did in yesterday's Herald, that Allen is biased. It's quite a natural state for any critic whose credibility is staked on the dubious notion that art must be judged on quality and virtue alone. Such a position is contradictory, to say the least. The Blake is founded on the belief that it "embraces diversity in its entries and … remains open to the many styles through which artists engage with the subject area".

In other words: a) quality and virtue have nothing to do with art! And, b) Diversity is a good thing is in direct contradiction with quality and virtue.


Helen said...

You know, I hate that Corey/Jesus and it's not so much to do with the quality and virtue or lack thereof - just that this is a dickhead who's been led to believe that he's an awesome cultural hero, and now he's being compared to fricking Jesus. Talk about rewarding bad behaviour.

Why are dickheads (the male variety) so rewarded in this society?