Saturday, September 27, 2008

Cheap, nasty, provincial

Did you somehow miss that "50 greatest arts videos on Youtube" thing when it ran in The Observer a month ago and was linked to by almost every blog in the universe? Well, nevermind, because today's Age wasted devoted two-and-a-half pages to printing it.* You know, for the benefit of the five people who own a computer with an internet connection, and who would be interested in a list of the 50 greatest arts videos on Youtube, and yet who somehow managed to miss seeing it the first time around.

*They also put it on the A2 cover, which would be idiotic at the best of times but especially when the International Festival of Brass is on. Why not put some brass on the cover? What have they got against brass? Have they never stopped to consider what brass has done for them?


TimT said...

Bunch of brassholes.

Kirsty said...

Everything is hipper on teh Internets. Maybe teh young people will buy Teh Age if it talks about it.