Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Work It

Employed again. Obviously this is good from a need-to-eat perspective, and don't get me wrong I'd rather have the job than not, but the fact is it's another retail job and that does take the edge off my post-"You're hired!" euphoria. I suppose if nothing else it will provide an incentive to continue looking for something better.

I've been considering abandoning Sterne and setting up shop elsewhere, a la Pavlov's Cat. Long-term blogs generate a lot of psychic baggage and I wonder if I'd feel refreshed by a change of scenery. Also, I changed to a more accurate site stats provider a couple of weeks ago and have subsequently discovered that at least 70% of the roughly 90-120 daily visitors to Sterne are looking for this picture of Richie Valens, God knows for what reason. Another 20% are searching for things too disgusting to name in this family timeslot, while the remaining 10% consists of regular readers and a dedicated group of enthusiasts who apparently spend their free time googling "West African Fighting Rabbits" (Sterne being the number one, and probably only, considering I invented them, authority on these creatures). It's hard to explain why but I find these stats unsettling - more psychic baggage. If I shift I promise that you, and the Richie Valens/rabbit fanciers, will be the first to know.


Tessa said...

Having had an awful patch of unemployment that drove me into the ground - congrats on the job.

Having worked plenty of retail - good luck. Remember, it's character building.

Having a blog without about the same archive length - yah, I get it. Do what you need to.

dr. faustus said...

I'm pretty sure most of my regular readers (assuming I have regular readers) read my blog through an RSS reader, and never actually visit the site. As such, I'm pretty sure my stats for readers are pretty inaccurate, at least compared to my stats for searchers.

My second most popular search term is "stupid names", and I'm not sure that people searching for that are really my desired target audience. Other, less frequent, searches which have brought people to my blog include "exploding sheep", "arsehole research" and "deformed nudity". Evidently my posts appeal to a wide variety of weirdos.

And cograts on the new job too.

genevieve said...

Welcome back to the land of paychecks, Tim.
Those googlers are probably sending the WAFR link to their mates.

Ms Batville said...

You get 'West African Fighting Rabbits", I get 'Sex with Turtles'. Boy are they disappointed.

Tim said...

Who is, the turtles?

Mark Lawrence said...

Can you believe that when I saw this post and news last week that I forgot to say 'congratulations' on the new job? Sorry.


Now you can have bread AND butter AND jam... ;)