Monday, October 27, 2008

Bring the, or at least some, noise

Following Amanda's lead I have signed up to 8tracks which is similar to the late lamented Muxtape but more reliable and user-friendly. My first mix is of recent jazz (save for the David Murray tune, which is from 1980, although to some that probably counts as "recent jazz"), including four tracks from the Clean Feed label which I'm big on right now. Listen here or make use of the widget:

"Spain Intro", Michel Camilo & Tomatito
"The Whimbler", Gerry Hemingway Quartet
"Gat Swamba", Garage a Trois
"Hard Sole Shoe", Jenny Scheinman
"Old Grooves for New Streets 2", Way Out West
"Correspondent", Mi3
"The Last of the Beboppers", Adam Lane
"Big Love (For Joe Giardullo)", Luis Lopes
"Dewey's Circle", David Murray


Amanda said...

Coolness! I really want to see David Murray while he's out here but circumstances will prob deny me.

Been hearing a lot about the Jenny Scheinmann so now I'm convinced to get it. Do you know The Blessing's "All is yes", something you might like.

Love all these tracks.

Tim said...

Yeah, I'd love to see Murray but his only Victorian shows are at the Wangaratta Jazz Festival.

Glad you like the tunes. I've heard of The Blessing but haven't heard em yet.