Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I'm not here, this isn't happening

Obviously I am here and this is happening. I was just testing if you were paying attention.

New 8tracks mix. Listen here or use the widget:

"Used Go-Go", Kazutoki Umezu (Ribot alert!)
"The Yesness", The Matthew Herbert Big Band
"Cuts and Lies", Acoustic Ladyland
"Moonshine", Dave Douglas
"The Movers and the Shakers", Herbert
"Montuno", Marc Ribot
"STHLM", The Vandermark 5
"When the Levee Breaks", Stanton Moore
"At Les", Innerzone Orchestra
"(Little) King Ink", Flat Earth Society (takes a while to get going, then it's epic)

Photo from here.


Amanda said...

In my mind, Marc Ribot was some electro pop dude. So was a bit taken aback by the jazz thing.

Maybe I was thinking of Marc Almond. Ha.

Helen said...

No jumping over cars on motorbikes? Awwww! Poopyheads!

kiki said...

personally, i like 'no baby onions' better